The Challenge

Rabobank, a Dutch banking and financial services company with a long history as a cooperative lender to the agriculture industry, wanted to make inroads with U.S. retail and small-business customers. To achieve that goal, it knew it had to embrace its founding principals as a local bank. Spring Studio was hired to design a new website embodying its brand positioning as a people-focused financial institution deeply committed to the local regions where it operates.

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Finding the Right Audience

During our discovery process, we interviewed Rabobank stakeholders to better understand the new customer segments it wanted to reach. Our research highlighted six target audiences, each one with different banking needs. Through ideation and collaboration, it became clear that that the site’s default state should be geared toward retail and small-business segments in order to gain market share with these critical audiences. This understanding drove our design process going forward.

Designing for Success

Given that Rabobank’s primary goal was to present itself as a local bank, our design concepts had to translate the company’s brand principles of “leading,” “nearby” and “involved” into a web experience that told this story. We developed three unique approaches: A targeted path experience, a story-telling home page and a personalized experience based on IP address.

Making it Personal

One of the challenges was designing global navigation that worked for such a diverse range of audiences. Ultimately we chose a navigation scheme that prioritized retail and small-business customers while offering other audiences a personalized experience with a product-oriented focus that was also task-based.

The End Result

While the site is a resource for existing customers who log in to access their accounts, it’s also a marketing vehicle for new customers. It was important that the non-logged in state tell an honest story about Rabobank’s focus on local communities. We did this by sourcing imagery from all of the regions where Rabobank branches are located. When users type in a zip code on the home page, they see photography and messaging customized to that locality. The result is a site that feels authentic to each area and delivers on the brand promise of a bank that understands the needs of each community where in it serves.

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Spring took the time to really understand who we are, our brand, our culture, and the design goals for our new website. They seemed to get it from the initial pitch and built on those ideas through the research and design phases. The end result was a website that will definitely meet the needs of our customers and prospects.

Todd Gilliland, PhD
Web Experience Manager