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We work end-to-end. From user research to experience strategy through design and development, we’re your partner for the connected world. Our flexible process and collaborative approach allows us to partner with clients of all sizes and industries creating innovative sites, digital products and complete service experiences that customers love and businesses value.



Shine a light on your customers. Our in-house researchers work with you to understand the thoughts, behaviors and values that influence how users interact with your brand. We look for the unexpected, identifying gaps and highlighting opportunities — maybe even a paradigm shift. These are the insights that fuel design innovation.

  • Ethnography
  • Comparative Research
  • Evaluative Concept/Solution Research
  • Usability Research


Great design flows from a cohesive strategy. We draw upon user insights, factoring in your business goals and the competitive landscape, and utilize design-thinking tools such as personas, journey maps and high-level concept sketches to map out a holistic design approach that guides every creative decision we make.

  • Personas
  • Journey Maps
  • Blueprints
  • Design Principles
  • High-level Content Strategy
  • High-level IA
  • Concept Sketching


Design execution is where all of the details — every visual element and interaction — come together into a seamlessly integrated whole. Our goal is to delight your customers with an experience that’s simple, useful and beautiful, helping you achieve the full potential of the connected world.

  • Detailed Wireframes
  • Visual Designs and Comps
  • Brand Execution
  • Detailed Content Strategy
  • Prototypes


No matter how good a design is, the vision won’t be fully realized unless it’s properly implemented. Our team of versatile developers knows how to turn a great design into a truly exceptional experience, using proven methods that leverage the latest technological innovations.

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Modern Framework Javascript Programming
  • CMS Development
  • Prototypes
  • Technical Consulting
  • Copywriting

Our experience with Spring Studio has been exemplary. From your initial presentation all the way through to a successful, supported launch, the entire Spring team has approached each step with a wonderful mix of enthusiasm and professionalism. I have learned a great deal about best practices from the team, from research and personas, to information architecture and wire framing, to visual design.

George Spies
George Spies
Senior Manager
Web & Mobile eMarketing
Topcon Positioning Systems

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